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We are pleased to inform our members that, as previously announced we are launching our CYP Register which will become live in January 2022 at the latest.

We are launching this register in response to member demand, and in recognition of this growing area of importance. There is an increasing recognition from both within and outside the profession that CYP counselling should be seen as a specialisation with additional safeguarding and training.

The register will be based upon our existing CYP Competency Framework which can be viewed below.

A grandparenting period will shortly open which will allow members with experience of working with CYP to join the register.

The register will also launch with specific qualifications routes which will allow registration.

At the moment, this register will not form part of the Society’s Accredited Register but will be an additional, non-accredited register which runs alongside it, and belonging to the Society’s main AR will be a condition of joining the CYP register. We have, for some time, been in discussions with the Professional Standards Authority as to how the CYP register may become accredited in the future and will keep members informed of this. We will not be accepting applications to the CYP register from practitioners who are not NCS members.

We will keep costs of this additional register to an absolute minimum needed for administration purposes and anticipate that these costs will be approximately £25 a year.

Counselling Children & Young People needs practitioners to consider an additional set of skills and knowledge over and above that of counselling adults.

To support this, the NCS has a wealth of Good Practice Guidance for our members, which can be found in the Members' Area of the website.

We ask that Members who work with Children & Young People refer to the Competency Framework below.

We will also shortly be establishing a Register for those working with Children & Young People to support our members working in this area.

To open the book in a full page, click here.

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