FAQs about the Society

Can I join the National Counselling Society if I am already a member of another professional body?

Yes of course – it is your choice to belong to as many professional bodies as you choose. If you are a member of a relevant professional body that holds an Accredited Register then we may be able to offer an equivalent route to register for your membership application.

Are you the same as the Counselling Society?

Yes – the Society changed its name and logo in 2011. The Counselling Society evolved into the National Counselling Society and this is reflected in our website, stationery and other materials such as membership certificates.

Can I still join you if I can’t find all of my qualification certificates?

It is very important that we carry out rigorous checks backed up by relevant evidence when processing membership applications. Contact us to discuss this and we will do our best to help you – for example you may be able to get alternative proof of your qualifications.

How can I become a member?

All applications must be received on a signed application form. The National Counselling Society recognises the experience and skills that each individual can bring to our profession and you will find this in our easy to understand application process. Download an application form or find out more in our Become a Member section.

Do I have to complete the full application form if I am a member of another organisation that holds an Accredited Register?

If you already hold membership of an appropriate professional body (such as an organisation that holds an accredited register) we may be able to offer you an equivalent membership grade.

Can I pay my membership fee by cheque?

We do not accept cheques to pay for membership fees. We will send you a standing order mandate form to complete which we will process and send to your bank. This helps us keep costs to a minimum and this is reflected in our membership fees. Once a standing order is in place with your bank then your annual membership fee will be paid automatically each year.

Can I apply for reduced membership fees when in receipt of benefits?

Yes we offer reduced rates of membership for those on a low income – if you are in receipt of state benefit including state pension or unwaged with no personal income (tax credits not included) then contact our administration team for more information. We will require written proof of the benefit.

I want to become a counsellor, what course do you recommend?

The Society cannot recommend one course over another. There are a wide variety of different training providers and courses on offer that have been assessed and in the opinion of the Society the training offered is safe, ethical and delivered in a competent fashion. We advise potential students to take as much care in choosing their course as they would in choosing an individual counsellor. Ensure the ethos and philosophy of the training provider is right for you; don’t be afraid to ask questions and certainly look at as many courses as possible before making a choice. The contact details and website links are provided and you should take time to read through all the information about both the training provider and the courses you are interested in. Find a course that suits you.

I want to apply, but don’t have any Public Liability insurance. Do I need this?

As a registrant of the National Counselling Society it is obligatory that you have current professional insurance. Although you can choose to use any insurance company that offers appropriate cover the Society has negotiated preferential rates with Howden Professional, Towergate and Balens for all of our members.

The Society is not qualified to advise on legal matters. We suggest that any queries with regards to legal issues/legal representation are directed to your professional insurance provider or other suitably qualified professional.

I want to apply, but don’t have a Supervisor. Do I need one?

As a registrant of the Society you must demonstrate a commitment to supervised practice. Supervision should be appropriate to the number of client hours and type of practice essential for the award and maintenance of professional membership. The Society holds a register of qualified and experienced Supervisors whose details are listed in the member's section of the website.

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    Find the help you need...If you are a potential client looking for a counsellor, you may search our registrants by location or name and you can also check whether someone is on the NCS accredited register. A member of the Society may be a Registrant or a non-registrant member.

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