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Kate Moriarty

Member Status: Accredited

Member No: KM00P11

Location: Gloucester

As human beings we all experience times when life feels emotionally overwhelming. Reasons for this might include; relationship difficulties, friendship issues, parenting challenges, bereavement, feelings of loss, family feuds, work related issues, financial worries, illness, or unresolved emotional trauma from the near or distant past. Sometimes there does not appear to be a reason at all just an acknowledgement that life feels difficult, maybe unbearable. Feelings such as depression, anxiety, apathy, anger, loneliness, isolation and stress can lead to other feelings of low self-confidence, low self-esteem, ‘not fitting in’, ‘feeling stuck’, ‘feeling misunderstood’ and ‘feeling unable to cope’, stopping you from moving forward with your life in a positive way.

Counselling: Emotional Therapeutic Counselling is a person-centred, interactive and holistic approach to counselling. During our sessions you will be listened to and helped to explore painful feelings and emotions in a gentle and appropriate way, at your own pace. This will enable you to unravel and make sense of past or present events and the feelings and emotions connected with them, and help you to develop strategies to make the changes you need to make, leading you to a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life.

Coaching: As a Coach my approach is again person-centred, interactive and holistic. I believe that you already know, perhaps on a sub-conscious level, the solutions to your perceived problems. My role is to 'help you think better' enabling you to recognise and find a way to resolve or navigate your blocks and to enable you to make decisions and choices that are right for you. This can be an exciting and enlightening journey of discovery, realisation and inspiration, leading you to a place of clarity, renewed motivation and wellness.

Grief Recovery: Feelings of sadness, anger, exhaustion, loneliness, confusion, being misunderstood, despair, and anxiety, can often be a result of a loss and with every loss comes the natural response of grief. Loss comes in many guises; bereavement, illness, separation and divorce, broken friendship, job loss, children leaving home, the list is endless. It might be that you have experienced a series of losses which have left you feeling emotionally overwhelmed and stuck with no obvious answer as to how to help yourself.

Although well-meaning, we often hear things like, ‘time is the greatest healer’, and advice like ‘keep busy’, and we are perhaps told that we can replace our loss, we can remarry, get another partner, friend, pet, job, house… and that keeping busy will somehow make the grief miraculously disappear, but this simply is not true. If we don’t resolve our grief, it just stays with us and as we experience more loss our grief can build up over time. Being stuck in survival mode stops us from feeling well and truly living our lives.

The Grief Recovery Method® is a specific programme designed to enable you to move beyond death, divorce and other losses.

We are led to believe that grief is something we just learn to live with so you might be surprised to learn that it is possible to recover from grief. The Grief Recovery Method® is designed to do this and will give you the tools to enable you to take positive recovery action. Growing up we are taught how to go about acquiring things; qualifications, jobs, houses, the right look, friends, relationships, but when it comes to losing things, we are expected to get on with it, hide, ignore, avoid and bury our ‘negative’ feelings and distract ourselves from difficult emotions rather than talking about them. We have been taught to pretend we are ‘fine’. We don’t have the skills to manage the emotional challenges life throws our way. In other words, we don’t know how to deal with grief.

There is no doubt that unresolved grief can cause depression. However, grieving can actually feel like depression when it is just a normal response to a meaningful loss, it is not a mental illness.

The Grief Recovery Method® is an evidence-based action plan. Having worked in the field of counselling and coaching for many years I know that these interventions can be really useful when acknowledging and validating the feelings of loss and grief, yet discovering our feelings does not automatically lead to a place of recovery. The Grief Recovery Method® is a specially designed course where you are guided on a path through your losses towards recovery, in a relaxed, safe and supportive environment.

The course will not protect you from the pain of future loss but the skills you will learn along the way will build your resilience and enable you to deal with future losses better.

Grief Recovery Programmes available:

Flagship programme:

Online 1:1 programme (7 sessions)

In person 1:1 session (7 sessions)

Online Group programme (8 sessions)

In person Group programme (8 sessions)

Divorce and separation programme:

Online 1:1 programme (7 sessions)

In person 1:1 session (7 sessions)

Online Group programme (8 sessions)

In person Group programme (8 sessions)

Helping children deal with loss course:

1:1 or group sessions (4 sessions)

Pet loss programme:

1:1 or group sessions

Please be in touch if you would like to chat further about any of the above options.

I see people in person at my home practice in Down Hatherley, and online via Skype or zoom.

I understand that asking for help can be a big step and one that takes courage. If you would like to talk with me on the phone to find out a little bit more about what counselling, coaching or the Grief Recovery Method® involves, please do not hesitate to contact me on the above number.

I look forward to meeting you,

Warm wishes,

  • Qualifications & Experience
    Master of Arts, Education (Specialist Field – Leadership, Coaching & Mentoring)
    BSc (First Class Honours) School Nursing, Surrey University
    BSc (First Class Honours) Health Visiting, University of Gloucestershire                                                                                                   
    Education (RSCN) Great Ormond Street Hospital, London
    Diploma, Emotional Therapeutic Counselling
    Advanced Diploma, Emotional Therapeutic Counselling
    Diploma, Emotional Freedom Technique                                   International Board of Certified Lactation Consultants – Examination
    PGCEE Post Graduate Certificate in Emotional Education
    Diploma - Personal & Business Coaching - Barefoot Coaching
    Advanced Diploma - Counselling & Psychotherapy Supervision
    Diploma, Wellbeing Coach; Relaxation, Meditation & Mindfulness
    Grief Recovery Specialist - Grief UK

    National Counselling Society (NCS) Accredited Member
    International Coaching Federation (ICF)
  • What I can help with
    • Abortion
    • Abuse – Emotional, Physical, Sexual
    • Addiction (e.g. Alcohol, Computer games, Drugs, Food, Gambling, Sex, Smoking)
    • Adolescence
    • Adoption
    • Ageing and related issues
    • AIDS / HIV
    • Anger Management
    • Anxiety
    • Assertiveness / Self-confidence / Self-esteem
    • Bereavement / Loss
    • Bullying
    • Cancer
    • Carers
    • Childbirth: fertility
    • Childbirth: labour
    • Childbirth: pregnancy
    • Children / teenagers
    • Chronic fatigue syndrome / M.E.
    • Cultural issues
    • Depression
    • Disability
    • Divorce & Separation
    • Driving tests
    • Eating disorders
    • Emotional issues
    • Exams
    • Family
    • Financial difficulties
    • Gender identity
    • Generally unhappy with your life
    • IBS / Digestive Issues
    • Illness and dying
    • Immune system support
    • Job interviews
    • Mindfulness
    • Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)
    • Panic attacks
    • Parenting skills
    • Phobias
    • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder / PTSD
    • Pregnancy related issues
    • Public speaking: stage fright
    • Relationships
    • Relaxation
    • Self-defeating behaviours
    • Self-esteem
    • Self-harm
    • Sexuality Identity
    • Shyness / Social Phobia
    • Sleep
    • Spirituality
    • Sporting performance
    • Start exercising
    • Stop smoking
    • Stress
    • Suicidal feelings
    • Tinnitus
    • Trauma
    • Violence / Victim support
    • Young people and children
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